Turmeric Ginger “FLU SHOTS”

Turmeric Ginger “FLU SHOTS”

The season is upon us, and in FULL swing!

I actually love the way it tastes! Yum!

My Facebook feed is full of people that are sick, and have sick kids.  It’s that time of year, between the worst of the winter weather, and the soon return of spring.  I personally don’t like taking the chemical flu shots; I’ve got an alternative option, that in my opinion, is a great boost to your immune system.

The yellow stuff

I call this the yellow shot.  If you’ve got a half decent juicer at home, you can easily make it yourself.  I even made a YouTube video of me making it myself for the very first time.   I’ve had a similar shot at a local juice bar, but at the rate that I consume this stuff, it just isn’t financially feasible for me to buy it there all the time.   Making it at home is the way to go!

The basic supplies for this healthy juice concoction: lemon, turmeric, onion, ginger raw vinegar and cayenne (also add garlic…)

Supplies you’ll need:

Meaurements, NAH!  Just go with your gut!

You’ll see the general amounts in the video, but I don’t really measure. Just throw it in, according to taste and what you have available!   Maybe you’ll want to double up the batch.  In the video posted above, I made about 16 ounces of juice mixture, which for me is enough for about 4 days.  I like to do a 2 ounce shot in the morning, and a two ounce shot before dinner.   KEEP REFRIGERATED!!  I would venture to guess it will keep for about a week in the fridge.

What I noticed

One night, right before midnight, I awoke with super swollen glands and a red hot burning sensation in my throat.  I just so happenly bought some of this yellow juice at the juice shop that morning, and it was still sitting in my fridge.  I jumped out of bed a took a few BIG swigs and went back to sleep.  By the next morning, my glands were no longer swollen, and my throat wasn’t hurting either.  I did cough up some phlegm for about a week, but no pain, no fever, no swelling.  Sorry about the TMI (too much information, YUCK!) factor, but I have to be real here!!!  And best of all, I never developed the full blown flu that everyone around me was dealing with…… I could function and had good energy levels!!! But, there’s more!

Kombucha tea right after bottling for second fermentation!

I also started doing wheatgrass shots, and kombucha tea

While the yellow shot was the start of my regimen, I didn’t stop there.  I also started taking about 2 shots of wheatgrass juice every day during that following week of the start of symptoms.  On top of that, I drank kombucha tea.  My upcoming video and blog post will be on the stages of kombucha tea brewing, fermentation and bottling.  This is where it gets REALLY fun!  Come back soon to see it!



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