State of the Union Address, and the Mark Taylor Prophecy

State of the Union Address, and the Mark Taylor Prophecy

Mark Taylor made several predictions back in 2011, namely that Donald Trump would become president. Another prediction involved Supreme Court Justice nominations. There were other points, but the one I want to focus on right now is his last one. His final prediction of the 2011 prophecy is that even the news media would applaud Trump. That was the one I thought just wouldn’t happen. Pigs might have to fly first!

Well, we might just be seeing even this prediction coming to pass. Since the State of the Union Address, by President Donald Trump, the news media has been reporting some very surprising poll numbers. In one poll, nearly 80% of viewers found Trump’s speech to be positive. It even seemed that some of the left leaning news organizations had a couple of positive things to say about Trump’s speech. Drudge Report, a new aggregator website that I follow, had a headline “Teflon Donald”!

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Check out my latest YouTube video where I respond to this new turn of events, and pose the question: could this be a fulfillment of the Mark Tayor prophesy regarding the news media and Trump?

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