Music From “Momma S”

Music From “Momma S”

Thank you “Momma S”

This week, an anonymous subscriber of Maranatha Morning sent in a beautiful letter to “Momma S”, asking if I could share it with her, or maybe even share it on one of my YouTube channels.   Last night, I did just that!   It is really touching, hope you enjoy it, and make sure to subscribe to the Momma S YouTube channel to stay up to date on her latest releases!

Her music can also be found for download on her website here.

A Sparrow Flies…
A shrouded figure, head bent, intent on what she held in her hands, smiled ever so sweetly. Then with a delighted laugh, flung her small treasure with abandon, into the air. This little sparrow, captured the air in her wings and flew high as the shrouded figure watched her tiny form disappear into freedom.  It was her delight to free these special little bird’s of God.  She found them broken and hurt, lying on the ground after violent storms had pummeled their tiny bodies and dashed them against the boulders of life’s tempests.
Often she wondered how they managed to still be alive. Gently she picked them up and hid them in her hands and in darkness for a time, where they were finally safe. She fed them and tended their wounds and broken bones and spirits.  And she sang to them and she sang for them, speaking truth to them, of their Creator who loved them. As she did, life and renewed hope flooded their tiny, precious spirits and calmed their fluttering hearts, once riddled with fear.
Slowly, as their strength grew, she fed them stronger food because once healed, they would fly in joy and proclaim what their Creator had done for them.  For, from out of the tempest, they would develop their true wings and dance in the sky and sing in the mornings, to The Bright Morning Star who is, was, and will ever be, Yeshua.
Momma S, little handmaiden, Sing for the sparrows, Sing to our Lord.
Inspired by Momma S and her anointed ministry.
Written specifically too and for her, with gratitude!
… an anonymous scribe
To Elohim be all the glory forever!


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