July Prayer Wall

July Prayer Wall

It is hard to believe that we have officially entered the latter half of 2018!  But, here we are…. time to start a fresh prayer list for a fresh month.  If you need your prayer to be carried over from the previous month, please comment below, or email me at maranathamorning@gmail.com.  Put “PRAYER REQUEST” in big letters in the subject line so I catch it quickly!  Thank you!

Ephesians 6:18 ~ And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

July 2018 Prayer Wall

  • Paul/Zeus: Prayers for him. 🙏  Going through a very tough season
  • Diane Jewkes – Here is my beautiful Granddaughter Imogen. She is five years old & suffered a severe fracture of the fib & tib bones just below the knee yesterday evening 21/07/2018 in a trampoline accident. Please pray that when reviewed on Tuesday the manipulated bones will still be in place & not require an operation.
    She is very brave & looking forward to having a new purple cast on Tuesday in place of the temporary one pictured! Bless her.

    Thank you for your prayers & love. Much love & shalom to you in Yeshua ha’ Mashiah.EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji

  • Linda – Asking for prayer for my son “J” and his fiance “M”. “J” is currently in A.I.T. in the Army. He will becoming home in August to get married. However because he is not married now they are sending him to Korea where his wife may not be able to go with him. The powers that be do have the ability to station him stateside where him and his wife can be together. Unfortunately – they simply wont. Above all I pray for the Lord’s will to be done here. Secondly I am asking for prayers that the Lord will change the powers that be hearts to change my sons orders to a stateside duty station OR pave the way where his wife could go with him to Korea. Though our hearts are burdened – we know God is in control and HE IS the ultimate authority. In Jesus Name – Amen!
  • Judi Shell – unbelieving family member is coming to visit and he has caused much trouble before.  I’m sad for his bad choices.  His heart is filled with hatred and anger. Thanks family, this is breaking my heart….
  • Nancy Anderson – pray for my adult disabled daughter as she will finally get back to living with me Wednesday after being stranded in the big city for a month! We’ll both have adjustments to make but all things are possible with God!
  • Seek Jesus: Pastor Adnan, his family, and congregation
  • Polly Firecracker: Her son, who leaves for college in 2 weeks. His eyes aren’t completely open yet.
  • Godswarrior: Suffered from a vivid, horrible dream. Woke up praying.
  • Blue Velvet River: Every area of her life has gone haywire over the last 3 weeks. She is currently packing to move.
  • PRAISE REPORT, Watchman David: The Chaplaincy committee has been approved at our Local Union! Please continue to pray for my wife’s support in my participation in the committee! She is still hesitant, as she is worried I will be stretched thin.
  • Austin Himes: He and his kids may be losing their home next Wednesday.
  • Joeril Book: Feeling little strength, and hard to keep going.
  • Davona Wilson: Husband had CT scan done on lungs
  • Christopher Rising – pray that the Lord brings him home, and carries him through hard times
  • Marjorie H – my sister has thyroid cancer and will need surgery in September please pray for her. That everything goes well. And she doesn’t need chemotherapy.
  • B Haven – getting an ultra sound in the morning (7/25) to see if I have a hernia.  Please pray I don’t have one or ever get one and the pain I am having goes away and is nothing. Also one other test -praying that comes back negative too!  Thank you everyone!  Also, cousin Mike is on the prayer wall. He passed away this week. Don’t know if he knew the Lord or not….Thank you all for your prayers for him and for me
  • Momma S: Continued prayers for her foot, and for her parents—especially her dad, for answers and/or healing.
  • Tylor and Marcy: For sober days and her husband’s salvation.
  • Betty DeMers: ‘Dee’ is in the hospital.
  • Judi Shell: Has agnostic, nephew coming on Saturday. He abuses drugs.
  • Karen Boothe: YouTube subscriber, possessed, goddess worship
  • Rhonda L: Weekend swim meet. 11 events.
  • Patricia Randall: Our children, and their (age of) accountability
  • Kaye Ream – Please Continue to Keep Jessica & unborn baby Lilliana👼 in your Prayers. Today Jessica was told that in just 6 weeks time Lilliana growth went from 23% down to 9th percentile she was also told that her placenta is becoming thick so Dr.s are concerned also that Lilliana’s is showing signs of Fetal Highdrops because her heart is bigger then it should be.
    Thank You my Precious Brothers and Sisters Whom I Love So Much
  • Kevin Arnold – For my grandkids, 2 and 4 years old, going through a very bitter divorce with my son.  And for my son’s salvation.
  • Godswarrior:  Continued prayers for his leg
  • Joshua Brunken: Hollywood and those who attend public schools….. Jews for Jesus and Chosen People’s Ministry evangelists in Israel, as well as unsaved US Congress/senate, plus UK parliament, and Israeli Knesset.
  • Blue Velvet River: Minister Paul, Gail, and other YouTube ministries no one can reach [Including Tetelestai on the Cross!!! (—David)]
  • Diane Jewkes: Not well, requests prayers.
  • Sherry Campbell: Her heart, and what could be wrong with it.
  • Jane Ellinger: Her daughter Julie suffers from Lupus and other complications.
  • Watchman 378: Coworker Dan, admitted to the hospital last night. Possibly heart related.
    • UPDATE 7.17.18 – To my prayer concern about my coworker, Dan; He had intestinal blockage that burst, which required emergency surgery. He will be off work for several weeks.
  • Anonymous prayer request for a brother who watches show…
  • Kim Dalton: Continued prayers for her brother Matthew.
  • Sherry Campbell: Not feeling well.
  • ra ja/Charlie: Has vertigo and has a hard time working.
  • Joanna McCaffrey: Minister Paul on YouTube. Arrested for ‘speaking too much government information’. Been in jail for two-three month
  • Shari – please pray! I’m talking to a Functional Medicine Dr tomorrow night at 7 CST. I just got the email and talked to her nurse and confirm my time! She heals autoimmune disease naturally and gets to the root of the disease and attacks it from that angle!   I am praying so hard that this is the answer to prayers I’ve been praying since I was attacked in 2014 with these horrible autoimmune diseases! I’ll let you know what she says after our video call tomorrow night.
  • Yolanda Sanchez – Prayer request: Have someone willing to be tested to donate a kidney. Please pray all goes well. Also my daughter Anneliese is pregnant. There may be a problem with the Baby so we are having an ultrasound done on 7.18.18
  • Momma S: Possible bunion on her foot
  •  One For Yeshua: Prayer concerns for Dr. in UK that lost job due to his Christian beliefs regarding gender
  •  Catherine D: Her son is being forced to interview transgender people for a job. He feels disheartened interviewing them by the pronouns they demand to be addressed as.
  •  Kaye Ream: Her husband and his salvation
  •  Joshua Brunken: Friend Rebecca, from the UK, and her salvation; unsaved attendees of ComicCon in San Diego; and SDCC.
  •  Chris: Prayers for discernment in pursuing a girl he’s interested in.
  •  Carol Maule: Water pump still broken
  •  A Ban: Been sick for 3 weeks. Needs healing in throat and ears.
  •  Kim Dalton: Continued prayers for her brother Matthew, and his salvation
  • Trolls, mockers, and scoffers.
  •  Kim Dalton: Greg from the UK, a regular MM viewer.
  • B Haven‘s cat is missing
  • Momma S her mom is out of hospital, pray for continued healing. Her parents cat is sick.
  • Kim Mosley She needs prayer for strength. Her mom is out of hospital and her hubby has a stomach virus. She’s frazzled.
  • Davona her 19 year old son is autistic and off to college in a month. Prayer for protection.
  • Joshua Brunken pray for his friend, Clara, she has a chronic illness and has been really sick lately. Clara needs salvation too!
    Flint Michigan needs good water. He has several friends that have an evangelistic outreach this weekend in Omaha Nebraska
    Prayers for the UK, they’re in trouble.  Eric L prayers for his kidneys and urinary issues.   Pamela Gellar, an alt online news reporter, plus those in the Muslim faith.
  • Kim Dalton– Salvation for her brother, Matthew
  • Alice Rovney– Salvation for her daughter
  • Karen Boothe– Niece ( no details )
  • Godswarrior4ever – for healing of their legs
  • Nancy Anderson – for healing of left knee
  • Pray for all denominations to know Truth-Jesus!
  • Kaye Ream: Salvation for her husband, brothers and brothers-in-law
  •  South Africa and UK
  •  Marie Cook: Daughter Emily’s seizures
  •  Drunk Arsonist: New MM guest. Pray for his salvation
  • The Morning Maranatha ministry, and that it can continue covering important topics without censorship or blocking.  Pray for God to draw all of His misfits to Maranatha Morning
  • Amanda B – pray for premature baby Caleb (4 lbs at birth), and is now about 5 pounds…. pray that he would continue to flourish

    Baby Caleb
  • Amber Zion: Sister Amy is having surgery.
  •  Blue Velvet River: Rent issue, may have to vacate home at sober living residence.
  •  Candy Ackley: Her son’s anger issues.
  • Kaye R. – Precious Prayer Warriors: Liberty Community Church is asking for Prayers for their Dominican Republic Missions Team Safe Travels there and back also
    Those going from Liberty are Jackie , Jen , and Jen’s friend Taylor.  Prayers for the entire team as we aspire to – run ten med clinics, finish the church on Batey Papita, start rebuilding homes on Batey Papita, install solar panels at the school on Batey 50, finish the kitchen project at the Joe Hartman School and reach over 600 folks with food and the love and message of Jesus Christ.  Leaving today June 29, 2018 Returning July 8, 2018  …Thank You all 💕
    • 6.29.18 UPDATE – Continued Prayers For my Daughter and her Unborn baby Lillianna, Due September 16. Tuesday is yet another ultrasound then Wed, another MRI. Jessica has “Many”  Dr.s appointments for the next 11 weeks 💔 between the appts and her other 4 babies life is really taking It’s toll on her! Please lift her up high in your Prayers also I need lifting as well , I am unable to leave her video messages anymore because I am always crying 😥 I need to be strong “for her”  but I am so weak!
      Thank You so much and I Love each and every one of you
    • 7.11.18 update – Update for Jessica and unborn baby Lillianan – The mass on Lillianan’s leg is rapidly growing, however she has stopped growing or is growing very slow. My Precious grandbaby has a good heartbeat which to me is God’s way of reminding us that He has this in His Holy Hands 🙌 Although the Due date is Sept 18 told Jessica today, that due to the rapid growth of the mass they will not have to deliver her as early as the end of August. Your Prayers are so Powerful so Please Continue to Pray for them 💕
    • 7.11.18 –  Update for Liberty Community Church Missions Team: They have made it back safely and our looking forward for completing their task upon their return in October. Thank You all for your much appreciated Prayers 💕
  • Beth Curasi – PRAISE REPORT – I have been meaning to touch base with you about a prayer request I had put in for my knee. Things have been so crazy this is the first chance I’ve had. You may remember I hurt my knee very badly and riped some tendons. I had done this before and it took two surgeries and years to heal. The day I put in the prayer request I had injured my knee about a month before and it still had not gotten much better. I was watching the livestream and ask for prayer in the chat. I then went downstairs to go to work (I manage a Security Public Storage Walnut Creek, CA with my husband and we live on site with her two kids). When I came back upstairs I realize I was walking normally up the stairs. What’s really weird is that I didn’t realize it right away.  That was several weeks ago and my knee has healed rapidly and I will definitely not need surgery. Wow!  Please thank everyone who prayed for me and for continued healing.  Thank you!
    • I would like to put in another prayer request. My husband Tony has had a sleeping problem for years. He actually holds his breath in his sleep and as a result dreams all night long because he doesn’t get to the point of deep sleep. I actually think he is under demonic attack when he’s sleeping. I think when believers are sleeping and defenseless this is a time Satan likes to attack. He is often too tired to do Bible studies in the evenings with our family.  We have been married for 15 years and the problem just seems to get worse.  He is so tired he is beyond the point of functioning. This affects every aspect of our lives and would really appreciate some serious prayer!  He is 55 and 20 years older than me and I very concerned about him and his health.I would also like to ask for prayer for myself for to my lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I would just like to ask for healing and to get rid of the pain.  Also for my son Ryan’s rheumatoid arthritis.
  • John – pray that the oppressive lies of the enemy would leave, and that John would know for certain that he is deeply loved, saved and sealed for that day of redemption.  I pray that Jesus would reveal his plan for John’s life, and what his ministry/calling would be.   Grant him peace and love in his heart.
  • Catherine Baby Asher’s surgery was today July 9th….
    Baby Asher Resting comfortably with momma and daddy POST SURGERY on 7.9.18. Praise Jesus with GREAT thanksgiving!
    • UPDATE as of 4:30 PM on 7.9.18 – Out of surgery. Surgeon said everything went fine. In recovery pray for good nursing care and pain management
      Thank you for your many many prayers
    • 7.13.18 Update from little Asher: I am home from the hospital!  I am doing great!  Surgery was perfect and I got out of the hospital two days ahead of schedule!  Thank you for the many prayers as they made a huge difference.   My family and I are so very thankful!
      Jesus is healing me so I can grow up to be a big boy!

      Asher is thriving
  • Nicole lovesjesus – Please pray. My 13 year old lab passed away this morning. We are just hurt . My tummy hurts . My heart is broken. Gosh , she was the best dog ever to me . I don’t know what to do with myself. I am just tired and nervous all at once. . No idea what to feel . I am helping with vbs soon. My kids too and was raised with Taz. I hurt.

    Nancy Anderson – My request is that my daughter who is disabled finds another place to live as her housemate had to move, and my daughter can’t afford to pay rent by herself.  She had only lived there in a town distant from me for 3 months and has an advocate but was not able to find anywhere else to move to, so she may have to live out of her van since she can’t afford to live in a motel as she’s only on Disability.  She has had a detached retina since she was in the 6th grade when a boy hit her in the face when she was 11 years old, 33 years ago.  Since then 11 years later she was diagnosed with bipolar with narcissistic traits, so I pray the Mental Health Dept. will help her.  They’ve been called twice within the week, and they only make suggestions like going to a shelter, which is not helpful nor an answer for her at her age and fragility.  I have housed my daughter for the last 7 years with me from May, 2011 to April 2018 and am getting to old to continue to take care of her.

  • Godswarrior: The people of Haiti, homes and stores being looted and burned. Missionaries can’t leave. Pray for God to watch over everyone in these dark times.
    Prayer for his leg. His brothers and sisters. His mother and grandmother, grandmother has dementia and mom is upset because she has no choice but to put her in a nursing home.
  • Shari Nelson-I have Lupus and I’m in a flare because my immune system sabotages the drugs my rheumatologist tries. I’m on the 5th biologic drug and it isn’t working anymore. It’s frustrating!!! I’m praying about stopping all meds.
  • Deborah Grant-A friend’s granddaughter was in Haiti on mission trip and being held in hotel room.
  •  Paul-Prayer for ways to put more music on his channel.  Also for his voice and glands in neck to be healed.
  • Samantha: Her property and studio
  •  Betty DeMers: Property damage from storm
  •  prayer girl: That her husband finds work, and she hadn’t worked in 30 years, no money for water bill. Needs miracle.
  •  MommaS: Her mother’s recovery, and for loss of her aunt.
  •  Silvia Hass: Housebound from COPD. Add special blessings to her friend as well, who helps her, also for California fire victims that have lost homes.
  •  Those involved in California wildfires
  •  Tracey Rodenbach: Prayers for Haitian missionaries
  •  B Haven: Cousin Mike is in Hospice
  •  Carol Maule: Water pump failure at her home
  •  Barb Peterson: Her husband Paul’s upcoming cardio appointment. Artery disease.
  •  Kevin Jung: His friend/drummer drove into a fire, then was covered by flame retardant. Constant attacks.
  •  Davona Wilson: Charlie M. from Lubbock, TX. 7 septic emboli. Not looking good.
  •  Dodie Shannon: Not feeling well/sick
  •  Godswarrior: Brother’s leg; his sisters; his mom; his granny (dementia), who is going into assisted living.
  • Watchman 378 (David) – My wife and I have begun studying the bible almost daily. She is still ‘on milk’, so it’s a blessing to help her grow, and strengthen my own foundation. We are still waiting on the Lord’s timing for the Chaplaincy and me joining the Gideons. I continue to request prayer that my wife sees the benefit to me joining.
  • Shiloah Journey – Please pray for the salvation of my daughter Chrystal, and salvation for her husband Gord, and for grandson, 22 year old Jonah’s – salvation and granddaughter, 13 year old Paige.  Please also pray for the salvation of my son’s 13 year old daughter Helena – both girls not saved…… my heart is so aching for them, I am barely able to cope…..they do not wish to talk about Jesus and manage to keep distant, as I live on west coast of Canada, and my two precious families live in Ottawa and Nova Scotia.
    May I please also ask for prayer for my son who is new believer in Jesus since 9 months ago, has undergone severe challenges/attacks in work place since becoming a born-again believer, and does not have any support other than phone calls and emails from me.  Many things coming against these two families this whole last year, and against me constantly!
  • Lacy – having stomach problems, please pray for her healing and comfort
  • Momma S – I found out yesterday that my dear Aunt has passed away…this is sudden and shocking as we didn’t know there was any serious health issues with her we is what we are presuming happened until the autopsy report comes in…primarily pray for my father…he is now the last surviving member of his family, and is still going through much physical pain as they have not figured out exactly what is causing the pain (although we had the good news that it wasn’t his lungs, they still don’t know the cause of his daily severe pain). Also, now, their cat, Katie, is very ill too and they don’t know what is happening with her…so we are pleading lots of prayers for my family…this has hit my dad hard…it was his little sis…hitting me hard too, but I’m ok. There are other issues too, finances for my parents, and all the work there is to do to take care of the funeral and my aunt’s estate on top of the work they have already been doing to take care of the estate of my grandmother who passed last year….SO….they are quite overwhelmed…but Yahweh is faithful. I told my parents I would present these prayer requests to my online family…
  • Kaye Ream – Please pray for the 12 boys and their coach in Thailand, who have been trapped in a cave for 12 days now. Rescuers are racing to drain water from caverns before new rains arrive this weekend. UPDATE as of 7.9.18 eight of the 12 boys have been rescued.  Please continue to pray!
  • Samantha, host of Maranatha Morning – please pray for a respite from the rain, my backyard is flooding, and garden is getting ruined.
  • Joshua Brunken – Continue to Pray for British friends Rachael & Eleena & Sarah & Daisy & Lorna ‘s salvation (and other needs)
  • Tracey Rodenbach – Please pray for safe travels for us, and for the boys to have a great week working on merit badges! I will miss you all- Blessings in Yeshua’s mighty name!
  • Watchman 378 – please pray for flash flooding victims in Des Moines, Iowa
  • more prayers to come!  send them in to maranathamorning@gmail.com  THANK YOU 🙂


  1. Asking for prayer for my son “J” and his fiance “M”. “J” is currently in A.I.T. in the Army. He will becoming home in August to get married. However because he is not married now they are sending him to Korea where his wife may not be able to go with him. The powers that be do have the ability to station him stateside where him and his wife can be together. Unfortunately – they simply wont. Above all I pray for the Lord’s will to be done here. Secondly I am asking for prayers that the Lord will change the powers that be hearts to change my sons orders to a stateside duty station OR pave the way where his wife could go with him to Korea. Though our hearts are burdened – we know God is in control and HE IS the ultimate authority. In Jesus Name – Amen!

  2. Asking for prayer for my son Joe and his fiance “M”. “J” is currently in A.I.T. in the Army. He will becoming home in August to get married. However because he is not married now they are sending him to Korea where his wife may not be able to go with him. The powers that be do have the ability to station him stateside where him and his wife can be together. Unfortunately – they simply wont. Above all I pray for the Lord’s will to be done here. Secondly I am asking for prayers that the Lord will change the powers that be hearts to change my sons orders to a stateside duty station OR pave the way where his wife could go with him to Korea. Though our hearts are burdened – we know God is in control and HE IS the ultimate authority. In Jesus Name – Amen!

  3. I have been missing out bc I ‘ve been I’ll better now.Thank you all my mispacha for your prayers much love Richard J

  4. Prayers for a safe weekend swim meet trip. AND prayers for my friend Erica.. healing prayers. Also prayers for my friend Melody who was severely burned in a fire. Thank you GOD BLess❤

    1. This is Rhonda

  5. Praying for all of you! I too have a prayer request, and praise for the Lord is doing. My son is faced with legal challenges, deservedly, but we are seeing the Lord’s grace and mercy in so many ways. I know the Lord is the perfect Judge, and will bring good about from this time of testing. I request prayers for wisdom, strength and comfort during this time. Thank you brothers and sisters =)

  6. Baby Asher got home last evening July 12 from the hospital. Two days ahead of his anticipated discharge
    He is doing exceptionally well. All praise and glory to Jesus! Thank you for prayers for my little grandson. Our family so very much appreciate all the prayers and love sent for Asher

  7. My friends Granddaughter returned home safely from her mission trip to Haiti. Thank You Maranatha Morning for all of your prayers.

  8. I love this prayer wall! So nice to be able to see the needs of our brothers and sisters and pray accordingly. Thanks to everyone involved that makes this happen, and prayers and peace to all who need a touch from our Savior, Yashua! Love to all!

    1. Author

      Thank you Momma S!!! Much love to you and yours, and BIG, BIG hugs!!!!

  9. Asher’s surgery is st 1:00 pm tomorrow July 9

    1. Author

      So happy that Asher came through the surgery successfully! 🙂 Praise Jesus!

  10. Please, Please pray for Baby Asher! Bein admitted to the hospital today, Surgery is tomorrow July 9! Thank you!

  11. Thank you for all prayers! July 9, third and final surgery for baby Asher, 8 months old. To be a long complicated abdominal surgery, surgery team, pain management post operative, and 7 day hospital stay expected.

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