Join the MM Email List

Join the MM Email List

Join the Maranatha Morning Email List!

There was a comment in the fellowship chat recently about an email list.   It’s interesting that this was brought up, because I have just made one!   You can enter your email by clicking here and subscribing!   As a note…. I will not be sending daily emails (thinking more like once a week AT MOST, no set schedule).  These will be as needed announcements, urgent prayer requests, and things like that.




  1. Thank you so much Sam for this wonderful ministry. I’ve been under a sickness attack lately, but God is good and in feeling better.
    My prayers and support are with you. I was a single mom too with a daughter and son. They are now grown and love the Lord. Challenges are always with us, but Jesus goes before us to make our pathway straight. Love and hugs to you and your little Ava and Levi and Tyler too! 🎂💞

    1. Thank you sister 🤗

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