We Love Morphie! After reading Martha Lever’s book Morphie The Caterpillar, so many expressed their love for this heart-warming story.   If you haven’t heard the reading of Morphie The Caterpillar, check out the YouTube video below!  Also, I’ve included the musical theme from the book below.  A big thank youRead More →

A subscriber, Lina, asked me if I could start compiling the prayer requests in one place, so that we would have a place to come and pray for one another.   What an idea!!! Thank you Lina!   So, I will create a new blog post for each month, and as IRead More →

What is Kombucha anyway? Kombucha is something I have enjoyed for over fifteen years.  I first learned about it through a holistic doctor that I cleaned house for.  He grew his own wheatgrass in the backyard, and fermented his own kombucha tea.   So, what is kombucha?  Kombucha is a probioticRead More →

The season is upon us, and in FULL swing! My Facebook feed is full of people that are sick, and have sick kids.  It’s that time of year, between the worst of the winter weather, and the soon return of spring.  I personally don’t like taking the chemical flu shots;Read More →